Custom made props for your maps and mods

Custom vehicles for maps and mods.

With two years of modelling for source tucked under my arm I decided it was time to whore myself out to a willing (read: paying) public.

So here I am.

It's on request prop modelling, stupid!

Everyone's sick of the same old boring stock props in hammer, the most interesting mods provide custom content for a specialized feel. Models made to fit specifically in a map are paramount to creating a properly immersive atmosphere. Vines can be tailored specifically to grow along brushwork, handrails can be modelled perfectly in place, set pieces can really wow the player and make a map truly memorable.

I can make new versions of existing props with the same dimensions, make entirely new props, make ragdolls, make environment textures, decals, sprites and any other art assets you might need in your map/mod.

NOTE: Hexing, skinning, re-rigging or otherwise modifying someone elses work without their express permission is illegal and I won't do it, so stop asking.

Interested? Here's the deal

I model for any source engine game or mod, you predefine the compile paths. I don't brand my models with folder compiles, texture stamps or anything like that. Once the model is sent to you I release all affiliation.

Prices are set on a per-piece basis, quotes are free. About quotes. To ask for a quote please fill out this form.

I realise some mods like to work in the dark so I can too. I won't release any media about the models I am making if you ask me not to. However, if you let me put it on my previous projects page I might give you a discount.

Small props are fast and cheap, this one went for $5.

About me (Black_Stormy)

I have been flip flopping around in blender for the past five years, working on maps and mods for various engines and with various studios. I have worked with Torque3d, Unity, 3dgs (thank buggery that's over), Ogre and Source. After signing on for a few mod teams and making a lot of freelance models I got the hang of the source engine pretty well.

I am by no means an industry-level professional artist so don't expect me to make a jaw dropping prop in a day, I still have a lot to learn and I am constantly studying. But this just means that every prop I make counts so I make them all as sexy as I can.

If you want to talk about modelling I'm always happy to! Drop into the contact page or click the link below to go to my steam profile and add me on steam:

The source engine is not mine, I have no affiliation with valve whatsoever. The orange triangly thing in the header is a trademark of Valve Corporation and also not my creation. All rights reserved Valve, and any other legal disclaimers I have to have down here. All I made was the models and the textures on the models, and I took the pictures, using Valves screenshot manager, which is also theirs, not mine. Oh and I made this site, but I don't own html or php or javascript, I just used them. I also don't own the internet and I'm not in control of anything to do with it, except this website. I do, however, own two pairs of jeans. But I did not invent denim, nor do I claim a patent or rights over the design of denim, I'm just wearing their pants man, surely that's ok?

I also used some icons from Creative Freedom because I am too lazy to make my own.

Oh yeah and I used Shadowbox for the fancy image stuff.